Rush Run Philharmonic

Acoustic Americana Music with Friends & Family!

Who We Are

      Rush Run Philharmonic is an eclectic group of musicians occupying the hills and hollers of southern West Virginia. We are named after the creek that bounds down one of those mountain sides. {more}

Listed left to right in the photo above:
  • Patrick Gabbert (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Fred Prichard (Banjo/Mandolin)
  • Ginger Must - Vocals
  • Bob Must - Bass
  • Phil Rolleston (Guitar/Vocals)

What's Happening

      We've been having such a great time working Fred Prichard into our group! His melodic mandolin playing and rythmic clawhammwer banjo have added so much to our music, and we are very grateful to have him in our group. Bob's bass playing has excelled over the winter adding warmth and a solid foundation for our sound. Combine all this with new material added to our already large and eclectic repitoire and you'll see why we love playing this music. We hope you will come out and let us share our love of harmony - You may even want to sing along and dance!
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      We play the music we love, which can be described as Americana. Our material comes from Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Nanci Griffith, Paul Simon, Gillian Welch, James Taylor and many other writer/performers who have inspired us. Included in this mix are some of our songs and those of close friends.

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Rush Run Philharmonic
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