Rush Run Philharmonic

Acoustic Americana Music with Friends & Family!

Who We Are

      Rush Run is a creek that originates on two properties that 3 of the group’s members live on in Pocahontas County, WV. The origin of the word Philharmonic comes from the French word “philharmonique” which means loving harmony. This is a great description for this group, as they are all about harmony.

      Phil Rolleston Bob Must and Phil Rolleston first met in Atlanta through musical and artistic friends that they had in common. Phil had been performing in Atlanta coffeehouses, clubs and theatres since he was 15. In 1969 Phil moved to New York with a vocal trio and played the folk clubs (The Bitter End, Gerdes’ Folk City and The Gaslight) and toured colleges. Phil moved back to Atlanta, played The Second Atlanta Pop Festival and did some recording in Nashville. When Bob and Phil met and had a chance to play together, they knew there was a connection.

      Bob and Ginger Must Bob moved to Pocahontas County in 1973 and Phil bought the property adjoining Bob in late 1975. Phil has been playing in the Greenbrier Valley and Snowshoe since he arrived in 1975, and he and Bob would sometimes collaborate in places like “The Greenery” in the late 1970’s. Ginger (Must) married Bob and moved to the mountain, and with her gift for vocal harmony the music grew.

      Patrick Gabbert Patrick Gabbert started singing cowboy songs as a boy, before starting school. He sang with a choral group and Chapel Choir at the University of Maryland. Patrick started a top 40’s band in high school and played dances, then later, armories, night clubs and local road houses throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. In the mid 60’s Patrick began singing folk songs and playing acoustic guitar, and played coffeehouses and folk festivals as a solo. Patrick has played guitar and bass with several bands in the US and Canada.

      Fred Prichard Fred Prichard comes from a mountain musical family, picking up banjo, mandolin and fiddle as a teenager. At Warren Wilson College, he honed his claw-hammer banjo skills with instructor, David Holt. In a variety of bands over the last three decades, Fred has played at festivals, parties and roadhouses from New Orleans to Morgantown. We first met Fred at parties and gatherings where he and his brother Lou played to the early morning hours. Fred's love of music is infectious and when Phil ran into him years later, he invited Fred to try the group out. It has been a great fit and his playing is complmentry to Patrick's lead guitar and adds driving rythmn to the music.

      The group came out of Sunday Music Nights at Phil’s home that have been going on for the past 5 years. The music started getting so good that everyone felt like sharing it in public, so we started playing out locally and have been well received. The music may be described as “Americana”. Combining acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, bass and vocals, Rush Run interprets songs from artists like Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Gillian Welch, Carol King and Nanci Griffith with a little Chuck Berry thrown-in for good measure. Mixed with original songs and songs of their friends, Rush Run weaves a harmonious musical trail through songs we all love.

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